By Subscribing to our program you agree to the following terms and conditions.

You agree to pay for an ongoing organic food box order.

You must pre-pay for your order by interac email transfer, or add a credit card to your Plan B Account and we will charge you the Monday before your share is shipped. 

Your order will be recurring on your chosen schedule until you contact us directly to cancel it by email.  The cut off time to change, cancel or skip your order is Saturday at 6pm.  This way we don't harvest & order food for you that week.

Refunds - We will refund any unused balance of $10 or more in full at the time of cancellation using the same method you used to pay us. Any balance under $10 will not be refunded in order to cover financing fees.

You can skip your order if you're going away or for any other reason at all by clicking on "skip delivery" next to that order on your Plan B Farm Account.  You can also arrange this by emailing us directly or from the "pause" function on your Plan B Account.  Again we ask that you arrange this by the Saturday before your next delivery. If there is an emergency please email us directly. 

If you forget to pick up your share at a Community Depot we cannot replace or give credit for this food.  At SOME locations you can go back THE NEXT DAY UNTIL 6PM, to get your share, but Plan B DOES NOT, guarantee the quality of the food after the AGREED PICK UP TIME.

Payment by cheque or cash must be sent directly to Plan B Organic Farm through the mail or in person. Do not leave payment at your door or at a community depot.

NSF cheques are subject to a $20 administration fee.

If your Plan B Account balance is in arrears you will receive an automated email notification to send payment or update your payment information. Accounts that go more than one week in arrears will be cancelled until payment is made.

We reserve the right to modify the contents of your Share between order and delivery day.  Sometimes an item may be of poor quality or out of stock so we may add a comparable substitute that was not listed in the weekly listing.

If any items are missing or received in poor quality we will credit your account the full value of that item or a replacement item will be sent with your next order.

We do not accept any returns. Please compost any unusable items.


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